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Introduction to Radiation Protection

Atomic structure of matter

  • how physicists imagine the structure of atoms,
  • how the elements differ one from the other,
  • what isotopes are.

Ionizing radiation

  • what ionizing radiation is,
  • what types of nuclear radiation exist,
  • the basic properties of these radiation types.


  • the law of radioactive decay,
  • what physicists understand under radioactive substance
  • how to calculate the activity of a radioactive substance at a specific time.

The energy of ionizing radiation

  • the energy unit electronvolt,
  • what an energy spectra means,
  • the energy spectra of the different types of nuclear radiation.

Interaction of radiation with matter

  • which interactions of ionizing radiation with matter can take place ,
  • which effects photons may initiate when hitting matter.

X-ray radiation

  • how X-rays are generated in an X-ray tube,
  • how the spectrum of X-rays looks like,
  • on what the energy of the x-ray radiation depends.

Radiation dose

  • different dose concepts to describe the dose radiation effects,
  • how the different types of radiation differ in their biological consequences.

Dose rate

  • what the dose rate indicates,
  • the relationship between dose, dose rate and time.

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