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Hands-on Training on Chemical Dosimetry

The A-CINCH project would like to invite you to the second edition of the Hands-on Training on Chemical Dosimetry. The course is organized by INTEGRATED NUCLEAR LABORATORIES CeSNEF, the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano. It takes place on 14 – 17 September, 2021 in Milano, Italy.


The evaluation of the dose in different application fields, as well as in the everyday life, is of paramount importance. This is particularly true for the medical application of ionising radiation in which small dose uncertainties between planned and delivered dose can lead to impaired clinical outcomes. In this perspective, this course aims at providing a general overview on the role of chemical dosimeters and gel dosimeters with specification on principles, properties and applications. During the on-site part of the course, students will be given the opportunity to increase their practical skills with laboratory equipment for the preparation and analysis of different kinds of chemical dosimeters and gel dosimeters.

This training course aims at students with a background knowledge in chemistry, nuclear physics and medical physics, interested in extending their theoretical and practical skills in the chemical dosimetry and gel dosimetry field, for medical applications in particular.

Course structure

The course is structured in two phases. The first theoretical part is delivered as distance learning course. During this phase material related to more general topics as well as material intended to be preparatory for the topics covered during the on-site course will be distributed. Students will be provided with a self-assessment tool to evaluate their own preparation. In addition, students will be asked to successfully complete the online course on security for the access to the laboratories.

The second part, including theoretical lectures and guided practical experiences of using chemical dosimeters, will take place in Milano, at the Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry Laboratories of the Politecnico di Milano. Guided tour to Radiotherapy Unit at Humanitas Gavazzeni, located in Bergamo, is foreseen. Sessions are distributed from Tuesday to Friday, the registration will start on Tuesday at 8:30 and the course will finish on Friday at lunch time.
The estimated workload of the online and on-site phases is 3 h and 28 h, respectively. The total expected effort is thus 31 h.

More information about the course can be found in the HoT course flyer or HoT Extended abstract. Please download the Application Form and send it back within July 31st. The e-mail address is disclosed in the application form.


The deadline for registrations is July 31, 2021.

No course fee will be charged to the participants and a budget exists to support travel and accommodation expenditures of the participants. To apply for the Travel Fund grant, please, click here.

Registration to the course and application for the Travel Fund grant are two separate procedures and are to be completed in parallel.



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