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Hands-on Training in Nuclear Chemistry

The course run in two parts

  1. Theoretical part with lectures summarizing fundamental theoretical knowledge of principles and concepts in nuclear chemistry necessary for understanding the processes and methods in radiochemistry will be announced and available in CINCH Moodle as distance learning course.
  2. Hands-on training focused on the work with open ionising radiation sources, behaviour in the radiochemistry lab and basic NRC principles.

Information about this course is also available in the Course brochure.

The theoretical part consist of:

  1. Radiation Protection minimum
  2. Structure and properties of atom and atomic nuclei + Classification of radionuclides
  3. Kinetics of radioactive decay, radioactive equilibria
  4. Binuclear reactions, yield of nuclear reactions
  5. Natural radioactivity, radioactive decay chains
  6. Nuclear fission and fisson products, nuclear fusion
  7. Radiation chemistry
  8. Actinides and transactinides
  9. Interaction of IR with matter (alpha,  gamma, beta, neutrons)
  10. Detection of ionizing radiation (detector types, principles)
  11. Dosimetry of ionizing radiation
  12. Calculation exercises

The main principles of radiation protection are summarized in the standalone course Introduction to Radiation Protection. We recommend to sign up into the radiation protection minima and pass the necessary test/quizes.

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On demand
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Certificate of participation only
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CINCH Consortium

email: eshop (at) cinch-project (dot) eu

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