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Basic course in Radiochemistry

This course is intended for students who want to learn more about radiopharmaceutical chemistry and have taken the MOOC Essential Radiochemistry for Society. The course has five online lectures covering basic concepts, production of radionuclides, radiosynthesis methods, production of radiopharmaceuticals and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals. Students should have a basic understanding of organic chemistry to complete the course successfully.


Basic concepts:

  • to learn and understand the basic terminology in radiopharmaceutical sciences
  • to acquire general knowledge on how radiopharmaceuticals are used in clinical medicine and in biomedical research
  • to understand requirements for a good radiopharmaceutical

Production of radionuclides:

  • to acquire general knowledge on the different production methods: cyclotrons, reactors and generators.
  • to understand how short living radioisotopes are produced with a cyclotron
  • to learn how to calculate yield of a cyclotron production in terms of produced radioactivity.
  • can explain the principle of radionuclide generators

Radiosynthesis methods:

  • to learn the general radiolabeling techniques and radionuclide specific techniques
  • to understand chemistry of the most common radionuclides
  • to learn how the application influences the design of new radiopharmaceuticals and the selection of the synthesis strategy
  • to understand which factors influences the total overall yield of the synthesized radiopharmaceutical

Production of radiopharmaceuticals:

  • to understand the general procedure for development of a new radiopharmaceutical
  • to know the general procedure for production of radiopharmaceuticals (i.e. synthesis, purification, QC etc.)
  • to learn the most common radiopharmaceuticals in clinical use, their synthesis and properties

Quality control:

  • to learn the regulatory demands for quality assurance of radiopharmaceuticals for clinical use
  • can explain the general methods for QC
  • to understand the meaning of radionuclidic, radiochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical purity
  • to understand the difference between the product validation and routine QC

The video lectures are available for general public on Youtube, there is no need to register to this course.


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Permanently open
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