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Radiopharmaceuticals 2


The basic principles of nuclear chemistry. A survey of radionuclides used in nuclear medicine. The common methods of radiopharmaceuticals preparations. Quality and control of radiopharmaceuticals.The basic radiopharmaceuticals and their use in human diagnostic and therapy.


  1. Definition and clasification
  2. Radionuclides, their selection and preparation
  3. Chemical forms
  4. Scintigraphic investigation in nuclear medicine
  5. Instrumentation and pharmakology in nuclear medicine
  6. Nuclear cardiology
  7. Nuclear neurology
  8. Nuclear nefrology
  9. Nuclear oncology
  10. Nuclear orthopedy, bone marrow and hematology in scint. picture
  11. Other investigation methods in nuclear medicine


The course provides the students with the knowledge of radionuclides used in nuclear medicine, common methods of radiopharmaceuticals preparations and quality and control of radiopharmaceuticals.
The students will acquire competence to work in the field of radiopharmacy.

Requirements: Knowledge of chemistry on the level of bachelor of chemistry and completed course of fundamentals of nuclear chemistry.

Key words: Nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals in vitro, radiopharmaceuticals in vivo, chemical forms, radiodiagnosticals, radiotherapeuticals, SPECT, PET, instrumentation.


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Recommended literature:

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Winter semester
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Exam with instructor
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